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This page covers some basic information if you are a Jailbroken PS3 owner or are interested in owning one. Use the table of contents above to jump to a topic.

The PS3-Montreal blog covers tons of information, tutorials and downloads. I'll try to consolidate everything thats important through this PS3 Jailbreak section.

What is the difference between PS3 Models and which ones can be jailbroken?

There are a few ways we can identify PS3 models, its shape (fat/slim), storage memory, number of USB ports, etc. The most efficient way to differentiate between them is the model number because each iteration Sony spits out has a unique model code. You'll find the model and serial number on back of the PS3 if the white sticker survived, it always begins with "CECH," like in this picture the model is "CECHA," a very early model. Although its labeled "CECHA01" the two last digits are not relevant for our purposes.
Essentially, all PS3s manufactured after late 2010 cannot be jailbroken, that includes PS3 Slim models CECH-3000. The following table shows PS3 models that are able to install CFW in Green and models that cannot in red.



Super Slim

PS3Fat PS3Slim PS3SuperSlim
  • CECHAxx [60 GB,NAND,NTSC,2006]
  • CECHBxx [20 GB,NAND,NTSC,2006]
  • CECHCxx [60 GB,NAND,PAL,2007]
  • CECHExx [80 GB,NAND,NTSC,2007]
  • CECHGxx [40 GB,NAND,NTSC/PAL,2007]
  • CECHHxx [40 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2007]
  • CECHJxx [40 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2007]
  • CECHKxx [80 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2008]
  • CECHLxx [80 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2008]
  • CECHMxx [80 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2008]
  • CECHPxx [160 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2008]
  • CECHQxx [160 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2008]
  • CECH-20xxA [120 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2009]
  • CECH-20xxB [250 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2009]
  • CECH-21xxA [120 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2009]
  • CECH-21xxB [250 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2009]
  • CECH-25xxA [160 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2010]
  • CECH-25xxB [320 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2010]
  • CECH-30xxA [160 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2010]
  • CECH-30xxB [320 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2010]
  • CECH-40xxA [12 GB,NOR,PAL,2012]
  • CECH-40xxB [250 GB,NOR,NTSC,2012]
  • CECH-40xxC [500 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2012]
  • CECH-42xxA [12 GB,NOR,PAL,2012]
  • CECH-42xxB [250 GB,NOR,NTSC,2012]
  • CECH-42xxC [500 GB,NOR,NTSC/PAL,2012]
  • CECH-43xxA [12 GB,NOR,PAL,2014]

Videos about PS3 CFW

Free Games

Watch these videos pertaining to download games. Use Multiman to backup your Playstation games from disc.

Current PS3 Files

Apps/PKG Files

Apps can be installed using pkg files. Follow the instructions in the following video to find out how.

Get your updated apps at the Brewology Store or use the web app on your ps3 menu, watch the video to find out more.

These are the apps that are installed for every standard Jailbreak/CFW Installation

CEX/DEX Firmware

As an additional service we can install DEX firmware on your PS3 console. You can always install DEX firmware yourself following the instructions in my video.

What is DEX?

To put it simply, DEX refers to a developer console. Developer's consoles had the model number that always begins with "DE..." The "X" would mean anything that comes after. Likewise, consumer consoles are refered to as CEX because the model numbers always begins with "CE..." Check for yourself!
Now that we've cleared that up, DEx firmware is simply firmware designed for developers using a slightly modified PS3. Using it may offer some advantages when modding games.

Mod Menus

Its fun to exploit the game mechanics! We also offer Mod Menu installation as an additional service. You can always install these menus yourself following the instructions at the NextGenUpdate website.

We offer mod menus for the following games

  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Battlefield
  • FIFA Gaming Series
  • Destiny
  • NBA 2K Series
  • Madden NFL Series
  • Pokemon
  • +More
  • Call of Duty Series
  • Advanced Warefare
  • World at War
  • Modern Warfare 2
  • Modern Warfare 3
  • Black Ops 2
  • Black Ops 3
  • Ghosts

Theres of course free cheats you can install and use yourself easily, just no online play. Watch the video to find out more.



Q: How do I format my external USB memory for my PS3 games and stuff?
A: Download this FAT32 format tool for Windows PC. Copy your PS3 games to a folder calles "GAMES." File structure should look something like this F:/GAMES/BLES01717-[Call of Duty Black Ops II]/PS3_Game/. VIDEO

Q: I downloaded a game and Multiman/webMAN can't find it
A: a)Make sure the PS3 is seeing the drive. b)Extract downloaded games, if necessary, using Winzip, Winrar or 7Zip. c)Move downloaded game files to the GAMES folder. d)Click refresh at the top in Multiman. e)Check file structure. VIDEO

Q: Where do I download games?
A: Find games at ps3iso or any torrent site, ie has a convenient program to manage your torrent downloads. VIDEO

Q: Re: Multiman; "Game Quit: No Event Request" Why didnt the game start?
A: a) Start the game yourself from here by scrolling up to "Playstation 3" or disc icon in the game column (just below "package manager/install package files"). b) Put a disk in c)Go back into Multiman, highlight the game and press SQUARE and make sure that BD mirror is selected (in left side radio buttons below the game image), then try a) again

Q: I live far away or in another country, how can I get my PS3 Jailbroken?
A: You can check out some forums in the buy/sell/service sections like psx-scene to see if there is anyone capable of jailbreaking it for you locally. We accept ps3 jailbreak commissions by mail provided the customer covers the return shipping. Payment and arrangement must be done prior to shipment. Contact us to get started.

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