Web Design

Make your case and follow through with your plans.

Get help and advice with your website and social media. Get your own personalized website for only $50!

Premium Design

Premium Design

Our products feature an amazing variety of design styles, colors, and cutting edge techniques to provide the perfect design for any project.


Our latest templates and extensions are created using fully responsive design techniques and features to look their absolute best on all devices.
Powerful Features

Powerful Features

State of the art features and functionality provide your projects with everything needed for incredible user experiences.

No experience required

Yes, that’s right! Gantry 5 has a powerful and easy to use Layout Manager that ensures controlling layout is a highly visual experience.

Configure anything and everything

When we started the Gantry 5 project, we wanted to think past the concept of Gantry as a framework.

We wanted to create something so versatile and powerful, that it could stand on its own as a platform, virtually independent of a CMS in concept and implementation.

Gantry has so much more to offer

Here is just a few of the many features available...

Open Source

Utilizing a dual MIT & GPL license, Gantry is free to use pretty much anywhere!

Active Community

Live Chat on Gitter.im and project files hosted on GitHub

Fast & Lightweight

Designed from the ground-up with performance and efficiency in mind

Visual Menu Editor

Configure and structure your menu hierarchy with our new Menu editor

MegaMenu Support

Choose either full-width megamenu or standard drop-down menu styling

Layout Manager

Easy-to-use drag-n-drop layout manager makes layouts a breeze to create

Ajax Admin

Why waste time? Gantry 5's ajaxified lightening-fast backend saves time

Unlimited Undo/Redo

Made a mistake in the layout manager? No problem, you can easily undo it

Sophisticated Built-in Fields

Icon Picker, Image Picker, Font Picker, Collections, and much, much more!

SCSS / LESS Support

Dynamic compilation of multiple CSS preprocessors is supported in Gantry 5

Theme Inheritance

Extend a base theme with powerful inheritance capabilities

Powerful Particle System

Particles are simple user interface blocks that hook seamlessly into Gantry 5

Off-Canvas Panel

Easily add Gantry 5 particles to a location-configurable off-canvas panel

Twig-based Templating

Gantry 5 uses the super-powerful Twig templating system to build your themes

YAML-based Configuration

Easily configure Gantry 5 with simple-to-use YAML syntax

Coded with Love

Gantry was developed to be the best. We love it, and we think you will too!

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